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Recommended Solution Paper: 2250-2550 words (excluding references), minimum of

by | Nov 22, 2022 | English


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Recommended Solution Paper: 2250-2550 words (excluding references), minimum of 8 scholarly sources
Having identified a problem, established its significance, researched the literature surrounding the issue, and articulated a relevant research question, you can now begin the “Recommended Solution” paper. The purpose of the paper is to analyze potential solution options, and develop and argue a recommendation to address the problem. The students identify, explain, exemplify and evaluate the effectiveness of solutions used by other case examples (e.g. countries, organizations, programs) that have tried to address the problem in different contexts (you need a minimum of 4 solutions, each to be developed in a separate paragraph). You can organize the paper in the following way, beginning each paragraph with a topic sentence that refers to the main idea of the paragraph:
Conceptual Framework: The purpose of the conceptual framework paragraph is to define the concept of ‘sustainable development’ in order to determine the necessary principles for a sustainable solution for your problem. The concept of sustainable development frames the way you think about solutions. Use strong scholarly sources that define the concept, integrate and quote good definitions, interpreting and highlighting the principles of sustainability in each quotation. You may use Emas, Harrington, Simonis and/or any other scholarly source to help you define the concept of ‘sustainable development,’ as relevant to your topic. The principles of sustainable development you identify would be used to determine how sustainable your solutions are. End your paragraph with a strong thesis statement that outlines the solutions you propose.
Method: The purpose of this paragraph is to tell the reader what research method you are using in your paper. You are not using an interview, a survey, an experiment, or an observation method. In this assignment, we are using ‘the case analysis method’ to identify solutions. State your research method and mention the particular cases you will be analyzing to develop the solutions in your paragraphs.
Solution Analysis: This section consists of a minimum of 4 paragraphs, each revolving around 1 solution which you have extracted from your case analysis.
Body paragraph 1:
Articulate the successful solution/strategy in a topic sentence.
Explain the solution in your words; categorize the main idea into sub-ideas, if possible, developing each in turn.
Analyze examples from multiple cases (e.g. countries, programs, organizations, schools – whatever is appropriate for your topic) to demonstrate how the solution was successfully implemented.
Some questions that may guide your case analysis include:
Why was the solution(s) adopted by X country/organization/program successful?
What was the internal and external environment within which the solution worked?
Was the solution costly? Was this a challenge? How was this challenge overcome?
What was the size/scope of success achieved?
Argue for the effectiveness of the solution, using relevant theories/research studies from scholarly literature, and addressing the counter-positions, if necessary.
Body paragraph 2: Repeated structure for the second solution/strategy
Body paragraph 3: Repeated structure for the third solution/strategy
Body paragraph 4: Repeated structure for the fourth solution/strategy
Recommendation: Focusing on the country (Egypt in our case) you developed evidence that the problem exists within (in the Problem Analysis),
synthesize an overall recommendation, arguing for successful implementation of the solutions. Your implementation plan has to be:
feasible within the country’s context and challenges you identified in the Problem Analysis (e.g. stigma, socio-economic gaps, political conflict, lack of governmental funding, mindset, worldview, traditions, gender roles, etc.), and
sustainable, based on the principles of sustainability which you have identified in the conceptual framework.
Here are some guiding questions:
What would be the process to implement your solutions/strategies? Would they be implemented together or are there phases of implementation?
How would the solutions address the challenges you mentioned in the PA?
Why does the recommended solution fit Egypt in particular?
How would your recommendation work towards fair and equitable structures (e.g. across generations, gender, socio-economic level, religion, power status)?
How would your recommendation ensure ‘long-term’ positive impact?
How would your recommendation recognize the integration of all dimensions of sustainability? Is there any harm caused by your solutions?
How would your recommendation benefit from partnerships across sectors (e.g. businesses, schools, government, NGOs, industry, etc.)?
How would your recommendation abide by ethical constraints? Are there any gray zones or conflicts of interest?
Conclusion for both papers (PA & RS):
Mention the problem/topic your PA paper examined.
Briefly summarize the definition, the reasons, effects and challenges of the problem.
Briefly summarize the four cases that you analyzed.
Mention the recommended plan for Egypt.
Connect the solution to the SDGs and call to action.
Check that you have written coherently and grammatically, citing your sources correctly and completely in APA style. Make sure your paraphrase of ideas is in your own words and that you cite the source for any ideas or words quoted, paraphrased or summarized from external sources.
That is the paper outline. Please. I will attach the Problem Analysis paper so that you can take a look on it when writing the conclusion or the paper as a whole


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