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Hi, This project is centered around CLABSI prevention and how increased complia

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Healthcare


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This project is centered around CLABSI prevention and how increased compliance to the CLABSI bundle and use of alcohol impregnated caps on iv lines wiil assist in the prevention of CLABSIs. Below are the guidelines for completion.
Target population
– Comprehensive description of target population for th project
– relevant demographic data
– relevant standard of care
-relevant pathophysiology, theraputics fi appro
Plan for Delivery of Care
● Description of Model of Care for project. [Describe the dimensions of the model or models in detail and how the model applies directly to the population and project].
● Description of care delivery environment.
● Description of care delivery personnel.
● Description of interprofessional team.
● Description of planned intervention(s) for optimal care outcomes, including plan for care coordination and transitions, as appropriate.
Plan for Financing
● Comprehensive, realistic budget for project implementation and evaluation.
● Budget submitted in table with justification narrative.
● Detailed discussion of project funding source, cost savings, client payment and reimbursement mechanisms
Use of Integrated Health Technologies Detailed plan including:
● Patient related technologies
● Staff related technologies
● Electronic health record system and interface to facilitate optimal patient care
Quality and Safety Indicators Relevant to Project
● Comprehensive quality and safety plan including at least 2 indicators of population-specific high quality care.
● Incorporates organization’s quality and safety data into the plan and/or regulatory or compliance measures
● Discussion of:
● Relevance of organization’s measures
● Compliance with measures
● Need for new or revised quality and safety measures.
● Include specific methods for measuring the identified critical indicators and trending data for the project
● Identify the personnel responsible for tracking and reporting trends in quality and safety for the project
● Include specific methods for dealing with variances in the reported data such as who will lead the planning and how decision-making process will be carried out (e.g., using a shared governance model to decide on critical practice changes based on quality and safety data) for the project.
Policies and Procedures
Relevant to Project Detailed description of :
● Operational Policies & Procedures (i.e., how things will get done and what processes will be employed).
● Administrative Policies & Procedures (i.e., how decisions will be made and who will make the decisions):
● Clinical Care Policies and Procedures (i.e., how care will be delivered)
● Discussion of:
● Relevance
● Compliance
● Need for revised or new P & P’s
Implementation Plan: A comprehensive implementation plan must be developed based on a chosen change theory and Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation theory.
● Initial launch of the project.
● Full implementation of services provided.
● Strategies for overcoming barriers and/or challenges
● Plan for growth and sustainability of project.
● Communication plan – how will you let others know about your project?
Implementation Plan
Continued For those students unable to implement and evaluate the SLIP project ONLY
This section will be graded as part of the overall SLIP project. Thoroughly research Roger’s Diffusion of Innovation theory. Discuss in detail:
• Detailed description of the theory
• Detailed description of the ten critical dynamics as they apply to the SLIP project
• Identify possible change agents in the organization that could assist with implementation of the project
• Detailed description of the five steps in decision making process and how they apply to the project. N/A
Evaluation, Outcomes and Measures of Success
Evidence based discussion of evaluation process, anticipated and/or actual outcomes and measures of success including:
• Detailed description of project evaluation plan
• Patient/and family-centered outcomes
• Optimal care outcomes as compared to national standards of care
• Financial outcomes
• Measures of satisfaction with the project including patient, family, support personnel, and care providers.
A simple evaluation tool should be developed and attached as an appendix.


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