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Write a title!

by | Nov 21, 2022 | Sociology


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Choose a topic that investigates gender systems. You may choose to investigate an aspect of your own culture or from a culture that you are less familiar with.
There are many ways to approach developing your topic. You may choose a specific social structure such as work or education and investigate how it is gendered. Some of our readings will familiarize you with these areas. You may also challenge the limited gender categories that our society offers. Discussing or emailing your course instructor with your topic ideas is encouraged, but not required.
Your report will require the following: Title page, introduction, essay body, conclusion, and references.
The title page is an essential part of your essay. While the specific details of title pages might vary according to the requirements of particular subjects, the following information is fairly standard. Your title page should include: title of assignment (i.e., the essay question or topic), your name, course code, course instructor, department, and due date (i.e., the date on which the essay is due).
A title page does more than provide a space for the name of the writer of the essay. It is the part of your essay that will create the first (and often lasting) impression about you as a writer. Write a title! Be creative.
The introduction to your essay is probably the most important part of your text. It gives your reader an indication of what to expect in terms of quality, substance, and interest.
Many students find that writing an introduction is often the most difficult part of the essay because of the importance of the introduction to the essay’s structure and the difficulty of getting started. Remember that all statements of fact need citations. Introductory paragraphs need citations too.
The conclusion ties together the main threads of your argument. It should not be used for introducing new information. The point of a conclusion is to provide a sense of closure for your essay.
However, depending on the topic and/or subject area, you can use the conclusion to reflect on future developments in the field or the ramifications that your findings might have for future research in the area.
In essence, the conclusion sums up your main ideas. Fundamentally, it should leave the reader in no doubt that you have demonstrated what you set out to do.
You are required to identify and acknowledge all sources of information in a reference section. This is a list of sources at the end of your essay. These will also need to be referenced in your text whenever they are used.
Minimum requirement for length – 8 pages (not including title page or reference page), 12 point, standard margins (1 inch around). Minimum of 7 academic sources. The text may be included as one source.
Grading areas will include strength/relevance of topic, content, spelling, grammar, writing style, and meeting assignment criteria. Specific attention will be paid to proper referencing and academic writing rules.


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