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Reply to the following two posts in roughly 150 words a piece.

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Sociology


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Reply to the following two posts in roughly 150 words a piece. Make reference to the video to show your knowledge of the subject.
Post #1
There are three ways the government can approach a pandemic, rush through it, delay and vaccinate, or coordinate and crush. The Ted Talk “When is a Pandemic Over?” thoughtfully articulated the way that each of these three motions can end a pandemic. The rush through the approach is to allow the pandemic to take its natural course, allowing it to infect many people to build up herd immunity; the downside of this approach is that it has the highest fatalities out of all of the options. The second way to overcome the pandemic is to delay and vaccinate. To delay and vaccinate means to so down the spread of the pandemic through social isolation and social distancing while coming up with the vaccine to mitigate the spread of the disease and its fatality of it. Lastly, coordinating and crush is probably the most effective way to end a pandemic. The coordinate and crush tactic is to have Global Communication working together to isolate all people so that the pandemic can end within just a few months because it would not be able to be spread. Although the most effective, coordinate and crush is the least doable. It’s nearly impossible to contain the entire world into their homes at one time. I think that the US took the delay and vaccinate approach. The World Health Organization and the CDC worked together to develop vaccines well they were governmental restrictions on where you could travel and the amount of time you were allowed to spend outside of your house with other people. I think since his tactic was successful, but I think it drug out the pandemic for a lot longer than it needed to be. It’s unfortunate that you cannot regulate how many people get the vaccine. Because we have the autonomy to choose to get a vaccine, many people did not receive the vaccine thus making the spread even worse. I don’t believe everyone should be forced to receive treatment, but I do wish more people had gotten the vaccine and the booster. In 2020, I was thriving on the independence of the world’s being shut down. I live in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains that was able to hike in complete isolation every day. Unlike many people, I really enjoyed the isolation because it allowed me to step away from my busy schedule, take a moment to breathe, and not fear the virus. I still get paranoid when people cough near me, but I’ve already had covid and although it was difficult, it wasn’t debilitating. I think it’s safe to return to normal conditions because the whole world has been educated about the spread of the disease. People are more likely to stay home if they’re feeling sick. I think we as a country end of the world have come a long way since February 2020.
When the pandemic first started the USA did two out the three tactics. In the beginning we had no clue how deadly the pandemic is, so we were walking around without mask and not social distancing. Then after a couple of months the CDC had used the delay and vaccinate tactic where the country was on lockdown and only essential personnel was able to go to work. Soon after the CDC had started to study the virus, they found out wearing mask and social distancing helps stop the spread of the virus and then they started making the vaccine for COVID and was available to the public and the CDC encouraged people to get vaccinated. I think the tactics we used when the pandemic first happened was not successful but again, we did not know anything about COVID and what precautions we needed to take to stay safe. After the CDC studied the virus and found out what works best for us to stay safe most people listened to the CDC and wore the correct mask, social distanced, and when it came time to get vaccinated, they did. Honestly, I felt safer and could return to “normal” conditions once I got COVID two summers ago because I was scared, I was going to get it and give it to my grandparents so most of the pandemic I spent at school wearing a mask and came straight home. Once I got COVID and knew what it was like I felt relieved in a sense because I had the antibodies for it and then as soon as I could get vaccinated, I got vaccinated. I still stay inside most days since COVID is still going around and now the Flu is going around, I don’t want to do anything to get sick and possibly give it to my parents or grandparents.


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