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What is a good psychological research question?

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Psychology


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Become a True Researcher by Developing Effective Library Skills
What did you learn about this week that grabbed your attention or caused you to think more deeply about it? You may not have thought about using the library as a set of skills, but those skills can save you time and mental energy as you progress through your program and in your career.
Now that you have chosen your research question and begun searching the library databases for next week’s assignment, create a post using a minimum of 50 words and discuss your research question. Your goal is to enthusiastically share something you’ve learned with your peers, apply it to real life, and make your pin informative, concise, and engaging to your readers. Be creative!
Share your research topic and question and why you were interested in this topic.
Share how your research question is relevant to your passion and interest in psychology.
Share some insights you gained regarding your research question.
Share some of your conclusions about the role of research in your life, personally or professionally.
If applicable, include resources to support your post by providing links to credible or scholarly articles, videos, images, or other web resources.
You may also create a slide show or use audio or video as your discussion post.
Label your post with a hashtag (e.g., #Week5) so that others can sort posts by the week’s topic.
PSY5002 – Oct 10 2022 to Dec 16 2022 – Section 01
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What is a Good Psychological Research Question? Glad You Asked!
Zenja Johnson (She, Her)Yesterday at 6:23 AM EST
What is a Good Psychological Research Question? Glad You Asked!
Pinned post
Zenja Johnson (She, Her)
Yesterday at 5:23 AM CST
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There is a difference between a question, a “good” question, and a psychological research question. As a multicultural practitioner-scholars, you want to begin your research by asking your audience to engage in a particular topic. When including certain elements required of a psychological research question, one advances the field and existing theories. Also, the researcher creates a foundation to enhance the quality of the dialogue. A psychological research question:
• Is unbiased: Does not make assumptions/presumptions of the construct or population within the research question
• Is Open-ended (cannot be answered with a Yes, No, or other Affirmative Response)
• Presents a problem
• Included a diagnosis/disorder/societal concern
• Addresses a specific population
• Includes a construct or idea
Take a look at these examples:
Research Question: “How will the after-effects of divorce affect humanity”
A “Good” Research Question: “What effect does divorce have on children?”
A Psychological Research Question: “How does divorce influence the development of a child 5-9 years old diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder?”
Please respond to zamyala in a SEPERATE paragraph thank you
My research topic is treatment retention for substance abuse. I chose this topic because of my interest in drug treatment counseling. To be a successful counselor, I must recognize the which medication treatment is effective and ineffective. What is the treatment retention rate for Buprenorphine and methadone?
My research question is relevant to my passion and interest in psychology because later in my life I developed interest in becoming a substance abuse counselor. My goal is to ensure that clients remain drug free and learn to cope with mental and physical illness by utilizing coping strategies.
Buprenorphine and methadone are medications used to decrease cravings for substance abusers. But studies have found that Buprenorphine is not as effect as methadone and uses have higher relapse and dropout rates.
Some conclusions that I can make about the role of research in my life is that the information must stay up to date if I want to be a professional researcher. Also, that research can be bias, and I must learn to take only what resonates with my thesis. In my personal life, I would read others work to ensure that my study is proficient the information that I am publishing is scholarly.
Please respond to Corinne in a separate paragraph thanks
If you haven’t noticed… I love dogs. And animals, so my research question should not be a surprise to any of you.
How do animals (specifically dogs) help us in therapy?
I hope to dive into the thoughts of : Do Emotional Support Animals help, and how?
There are honestly so many questions I would want to answer, I really have to start narrowing it down. But anyways, as requested, a picture of the lovely fur baby Jaxi. (And animal clothes. they don’t need them really but they’re still so darn cute!!)
My question I want to ask is how does a divorce effect a child who suffers from being on the spectrum of autism. Is that a good question for research? Let me know thanks!


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