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Domain and ending with species.

by | Nov 12, 2022 | Biology


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Evolution leaves many observable signs in all organisms. We will be
examining natural selection and five of the many lines of evidence in
support of evolution:
1. The fossil record
2. Biogeography
3. Comparative anatomy
4. Comparative embryology
5. Molecular biology
Your task is to choose a species on which you would like to do research
and report information on natural selection, the fossil record, and one of
the other four lines of evolutionary evidence found in that species. You
may choose any species listed below. Within the next week, email me
your first and second species choices. Topics are first come, first served, and will allow up to 5 students per species to report.
Species available Gray Wolf. NO DIRECT QUOTATION
Paper Sections (each section – except the cover page – should be at least
1 well-formed paragraph and should have a section heading):
1. Cover Page – APA format. Be sure to include a running head, an
informative title, your name, campus location, date, instructor name,
and class section and period.
2. Introduction – Introduce the species you are reporting on. What is
it? Explain the entire classification of the organism beginning with
domain and ending with species. Where can this species be found?
How is the species used by humans (i.e. – pets, food, logging
industry, not used, etc.)? End with a thesis statement building up
to the following sections on your evidence of evolution found
within this species. This thesis statement should be something that
you can argue/support with the body of the paper. Usually this
involves choosing a specific adaptation and following it through the
series of evolutionary evidence. Include citations.
3. You must choose the fossil record, and then choose one of the
other four lines of evidence in support of evolution to research and
write about in your paper.
Fossil Record – What did the fossil record tell us in terms of
ancestry? What did your species descend from? You must
include dates and fossil age comparisons. Find examples of
specific fossils, give their ages, and calculate differences in
age. Include citations.
Biogeography – Where was your species or species’
ancestors originally found? Where can your species be found
now and why? Include citations.
Comparative Anatomy – What other species share(s) similar
structure(s) as your species? Remember to use homologous
structures, not analogous structures. Does your species have
any vestigial structures? Include citations.
Comparative Embryology – How is your species similar to
other species while as an embryo? This section should be
about embryonic development, NOT how the organism
reproduces – it is not the same thing. Include citations.
Molecular Biology – How does your species compare to other
similar species at the genetic level? Which species is it more
similar/less similar to, genetically speaking? Include citations.
4. Natural Selection –This is not optional. You must write about natural
selection. Does your species overproduce offspring? Is there a
different reproductive strategy used by the species that makes them
successful? How do individuals from your species compete among
themselves for resources (food, shelter, mates, etc.)? What kinds of
individual variations occur? Include citations.
5. Conclusion – Treat this as a “back of the book cover” summary of
your research paper. Challenge yourself to summarize the most
important evidence of evolution in about 250 words.
6. Literature Cited – You all know my policy on plagiarism. Don’t do it
or there will be consequences. This applies not only to plagiarism of
another student’s work but also of a reference material. You must
appropriately cite, in APA format, all material used. Be sure to use
your own words in your report. This will ensure that you understand
the material to the best degree possible. Click here to see examples
of how to create proper in-text and reference list citations in APA
format. The “Library Resources” link under the “Helpful Resources”
heading on the General Course Information page will be of help in
finding scholarly sources for your report. Sources should always be
listed alphabetically by author’s last name, and there must always be
a source listed at the end of the report that matches up with an in-text
citation in the body of the report. There should never be an in-text
citation that does not match up to a source listed at the end, or a
source at the end that does not match up with an in-text citation. At
least 5 scholarly sources. Acceptable scholarly sources include:
hardcopy books, eBooks (including your eText), scientific articles,
scientific magazines (National Geographic, Scientific American,
Popular Science, Discover Magazine, etc.)


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