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by | Nov 12, 2022 | English


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The essay is based on 1984 by George Orwell
The paper should be a five paragraph essay and should include:
1. a title page-with the title (never just the name of the book), your name and class
2. an introduction (ending with a thesis statement)
3. main text (at least 3 arguments in as many paragraphs)
4. conclusion
The format of this kind of essay can be found in the book Hagnýt skrif.
Introduction should include a thesis statement as the last sentence in the introductionary paragraph. All paragraph breaks are the same and there is no extra break between the introduction and the main text or the main text and the conclusion.
The main text is always more than one paragraph (3 in this instance). Each argument (rök) is one paragraph. Be organized and make sure each paragraph has a valid point, not a few points all over the place. Each paragraph should focus on one aspect of your argument and should include details from the book.
Conclusion does not include new information but sums up all you have been arguing.
This is NOT a research essay and it is not allowed to use outside sources or ideas other than your own. Any use of outside sources may lower your grade.
You choose what the thesis of the essay will be but the following are examples as to what can be included.
A good thesis is specific, limited in scope and offers a perspective or
interpretation on a subject. A literary thesis should be clear and focused, setting up an argument that the essay will support with discussion and details from the work.
– Analysis of the elements of fiction (character, plot, theme, setting, etc.)
– Does the plot of the novel have something to do with the time period in which it is written?
– Is there a moral lesson or message in the novel?
– Is the author criticizing something? What/How? What are your thoughts on that?
Explain by citing examples from the novel (without copy/paste. Retell it using your own words).
Your essay must have at least 3 arguments to support your thesis statement.
Your setup should then be set up thus:
 Introduction
 Starting the essay and ends with a clear thesis statement.
 Argument 1
 Weakest argument.
 Argument 2
 A more convincing argument than the first.
 Argument 3
 The strongest and most convincing argument.
 Conclusion
 The closure of the essay where you sum up what you have said in the essay. You should not bring in new information here.
 This is a formal essay. Formal essays are always the opinion of the writer but the trick is to state his or her opinion without ever using I or me/my.
 Informal-Personal:
 I think good work ethic is important.
 Formal:
 Good work ethic is important.
Do‘s and Dont‘s
• read the instructions.
• check grammar and spelling
• check whether the essay makes sense.
• check whether you are following instructions.
• check the setup of the essay.
• check whether paragraph breaks are clear and all of the same kind.
• make sure you avoid the mistakes on the slides “common mistakes in student’s writings” that can be found on námsnet.
• take examples from the novel to explain your arguments but without simply summarizing the plot.
• use any secondary sources.
• just explain the story or summarize what happens in it.
• use ellipsis, such as “it’s”, “he’s”, etc. It is not formal.
• use subtitles.
• use “I think”, “I feel” or any form of “I” at all anywhere in the essay.
• begin to prepare yourself the night before the deadline.
• hurry.
Námsnet: Send it through Turnitin and nowhere else. If you experience problems with Turnitin, you must send it to the teacher before the final deadline (see below).
Language: British English (UK) or American English (US). Do not mix the two.
Permissible font type and size:
Permissible font types: Courier New, Times New Roman, Arial.
Permissible font size: 12 or 14 points
Line spacing: 1.5 or Double


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