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Define the project (completed)

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Business and Management


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Option #1: Business Analysis Report (Heathrow)
For this course you will be creating a business analyst report that will require you to assess a problem within a specific organization and integrate a solution. This report will be based on one of the following:
Your report will be based on the following case:
Refurbishing Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 (Project Management Institute. (2013). Changing the face at the busiest airport in the world through project management. Retrieved from
Add to the final paper and submit the following sections shown below:
I. Introduction (minimum 1 page)
II. Definition of the Business Analysis Process (COMPLETED)
III. Information Flow Graphic (minimum 1 page)
IV. Explanation/Description of Graphic (minimum 1 page)
V. Define the Project (COMPLETED)
VI. Data Collection (COMPLETED)
VII. Strategies/Theory used to Reach Conclusion (minimum 1 page)
VIII. Justification/Explanation for Risk Analysis (minimum 1 Page)
IX. Risk Mitigation Process (minimum 1 page)
X. Conclusion (minimum 1 page)
Components of the Project
The introduction and conclusion are probably best written last, as the content of these sections depends greatly on what you write in the body of the report. The second section, Explanation of the Business Analysis Process, is a good thing to write first. In this section you will explain your definition of the business analysis process. You were presented with at least one other definition in the course textbook and lectures, but this is your opportunity to come up with your own definition and explain how you got there. This is also a good place to bring in references from other scholarly sources. Section 2 is complete.
The third section, Project Analysis Graphic, requires you to create a graphic that represents your business analysis process. Remember that you designed a graphic in Module 1, and you are welcome to use that graphic as a starting point—or you can start from scratch. Be sure to use the feedback that you received from your instructor when designing the model for this final report. The fourth section is where you explain your thinking and include what makes your model unique compared to others.
In Section V you will define the problem in the Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 example. As we know, without identifying what we want to change it is difficult to measure success, and so defining the problem is critical. Section 5 is complete. In Section VI you will describe the data that you will need to collect to ensure your project is successful. You will need to cover not only what data you would like to have, but also how you would collect/retrieve that data. Section 6 is complete.
Section VII requires you to explain which strategies and/or theories you used in formulating your solution. This is another section of the report where it would make sense to include academic references. Here, the project is defined, and collecting data for the important facets of the project are completed and explained. This taps into your ability to defend the validity and reliability of your analytical model.
The final two sections are related to risk. Here you will justify the end results of the analytical processes, addressing any significant risk encountered along the way, and provide an explanation as to how any risk would be mitigated.
After you have written the body of the report, you can develop the introduction where you provide an overview of the sections and your findings, and a conclusion where you recap the process and describe any limitations or difficulties that you came across.
Submission Requirements:
Your paper should be 9 pages in length, and include a cover page and reference page. Maintain scholarly references (peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years, ie articles).


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