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Answer: lack of emotional intelligence (self-awareness etc) – write about that

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Communications and Media


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Case Study:
This is Harry’s story regarding his workplace environment.
Solomon is the Chief Operating Officer of Makeshift Manufacturing. Despite being the Chief Operating Officer, he acted as a “Director” when I worked on his team. I would go into his office (a spacious room with a large desk, bookcases, wood file cabinets and a meeting table surrounded by six chairs) informally dressed (khakis/shirt/no tie). Solomon was very business-oriented and our conversations were often kept short. I would directly explain a problem, identify my objective, and we would come to an understanding of the solution. He would give me the “To Do” list and I would carry out the instructions. I would follow up with him on the phone, listing the positive/negative outcomes. This worked well for both of us. My instructions and tasks were always clear, and our communications always seemed efficient. It was also easy to clarify misunderstandings because when I have a list, there seemed to be a finite number of ways it can be misinterpreted.
After two years, Solomon’s areas of responsibility expanded. The company president decided that my department would be under the VP of Marketing and Business. Celina became my direct boss. Celina had a different communication style than Solomon in Operations. She was significantly more indirect. There was a more personal feel to her communications, and she showed less objectivity to situations. She was not as interested in how a decision works, but more concerned with how it looks and how others perceive each decision. She actually was emotionally involved in certain business issues. She did not just perceive her job as just a job, for her there was a sense of ownership and personal reputation involved with her role in the company.
I found that because I had been previously expected to keep my communications short, direct and to the point, Celina found herself uneasy with our communications. She would ask my “feelings” towards things, and I would respond directly to him with my “thoughts”. In a lot of instances, it was objective criticism. She would take these criticisms as attacks on her work or reputation, and would start to show signs of defensiveness. She also thought that my informal dress was not appropriate. She wasn’t as concerned that I could effectively do the job, but that I have a professional and formal appearance while doing it. She also felt uncomfortable coming to my office to talk and was a little uneasy around my staff because she was not completely sure of what we did and how we did it. I think she did not want to appear as being misinformed around my staff.
I was beginning to feel a little uneasy about Celina as well. I asked Solomon about the situation and told him that Celina was making me feel nervous when we were in meetings together. He told me that he had the ability to adjust his communication style for me. He also could adjust it to accommodate Celina and any other employee for the company if they required it for effective communication. He pointed out that I had to learn to adapt myself to other “leadership styles” if I was to develop as an effective manager. He stated that Celina is my boss, and he would not expect Celina to dramatically change in the relationship. He said I would have to learn to adjust to Celina’s style of leadership if I ever wanted to effectively communicate with her, or any other level of management.
This is a GROUP assignment, I need to write about emotional intelligence. Please use the TEXTBOOK attached to write answers.
1- Identify four of Harry’s key issues:
Answer: Lack of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (self-awareness etc) – write about that
2- Provide Harry suggestions/strategies for behaviours that might be more effective in this situation and explain your reasoning. Your suggestions must consider what you believe Harry would be comfortable with.
Colleague answer:
Harry needs to develop emotional intelligence and be more empathic about how Celina works. According to Adler et al., (2020): “Individuals who demonstrate emotional intelligence are able to work in teams, they adjust well to change, and they are very flexible”. Currently, Harry is not adjusting well to this change, that involves having a new boss. Harry, should be more flexible, and try to adapt his communication way to Celina’s style (indirect and concerned about others perceptions). Considering empathy as one of the five dimensions of emotional intelligence, he should take into account how emotional Celina is, and try to develop more empathy towards her.
Please write more about it.
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