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Students must use the shared google document with their instructor and also provide the link at the submission.

by | Sep 27, 2022 | Marketing


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Common Assessment Content and Instructions
In preparation for a group marketing plan, every student is expected to prepare a section of the report individually. This individual assignment focuses on some of the research and analysis necessary before specific marketing strategy is developed. Your instructor will assign the specific research section (it could be external environment, competitors, consumer analysis) but, importantly, you must demonstrate your ability to find relevant secondary sources for your assigned industry and then write your analysis from these sources.
Each student should start their report with an industry overview as guided by the following:
Industry Overview
An industry analysis is a marketing process that provides statistics about the market potential of your business products/services.
This section should include:
* Size of the industry in the UAE (such as revenue data and/or sales volume).
* Growth of the industry over the past 3 years in the UAE.
* Identify key competitors in the UAE market.
In developing this industry overview students are expected to use credible data from industry-based databases, such as Euromonitor and Statista databases. Your instructor will discuss these database tools in class.
It’s important to profile the current state of your industry. Identify and indicate where the industry seems to be heading, using metrics such as size, trends, and projected growth, with plenty of data to support your findings.
Assigned Research and Analysis Section
Next, the student should follow a relevant content guide for the particular research and analysis section they are assigned, as provided by the instructor. For instance, students undertaking an external environmental analysis might be expected to identify relevant information within the demographic, economic, cultural, political, technological and natural environments and then explain how these external factors impact the assigned industry/product category (whether an opportunity or threat). Alternately, students assigned to undertake a competitor analysis might be directed to identify direct and indirect competitors and undertake an analysis of their market positions, marketing strategies and competitive advantages.
Importantly, students should do more than provide facts using relevant and credible secondary sources (i.e., databases such as Euromonitor or Statista). They should discuss the implications of their findings for their assigned product category and use relevant course concepts to provide a logical analysis. Students should aim to provide enough depth and breadth to each issue also.
The Report Format
* A guide of 3-5 pages in length is recommended.
* Include page numbers.
* Use heading and subheadings as well as section numbers to add clarity.
* Information sources should be acknowledged and referenced as advised by your instructor.
It is required that each student should write and develop their project in a Google Document for the duration of the project (and keep it for one month after final grade) using their Google Accounts. All work must be completed and organically developed within that document. Nothing should be pasted (nor directly typed) from another document. It must be started and finalized within that document and include all editing. You must be signed into your own Gmail account when editing. Students must use the shared Google Document with their instructor and also provide the link at the submission. Failure to follow these instructions or the inability to produce these aforementioned materials at the request of your instructor or Department Chair can result in a 0 grade for your submission or an academic misconduct finding.
The Report Submission
* This report should be submitted through SafeAssign in a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.
* The link to the Google Document should be provided in the submission.
* Reports containing plagiarism will be awarded zero and this will be reported for academic dishonesty.


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