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“rethinking race: the sociology of american indian identity.”

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Sociology


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Soc 316: Race and Ethnic Relations: Paper/Video/Audio (PVA) Assignment
 CLO 1: Define and correctly apply sociological terminology as it relates to the study of race,
ethnicity, racism, and racial inequality.
 CLO 2: Outline the development of race, ethnicity, and race relations over time in the United
 CLO 5: Explain how gender, class, sexuality, ability, citizenship status, and phenotype
intersect with race and ethnicity to shape experiences.
 CLO 7: Apply a critical sociological lens to evaluate the role of race, ethnicity, and racism in
the United States through course assignments.
Assignment and Purpose
For this assignment, students will draw upon, analyze, and synthesize information from specific
course materials to demonstrate the development and social construction of race in the United
States. To do this, students will be required to answer the following questions:
First, at what point did the idea of race emerge in North America? Why did it emerge in this
context? What criteria was used to determine racial categorization. (White, Black, and, or
Indian)? Second, describe how race became institutionalized, or codified into laws, during this
period and the implications for men and/or women categorized as white or non-white (you may
focus on specific case from course materials). Third, how is race determined today? What criteria
today is used to racially categorize people of one racial group (Whites, Blacks, or Indigenous
peoples)? Are the criteria based on biology or something else? Support with evidence from
course materials. You may also draw on information in future chapters from Golash-Boza (2018)
and other instructional materials on the syllabus.
PVA Formats: Three Options
 Option 1: Paper. Students submit a 2 ½ – 3-page paper. The paper must be double-spaced, 12-
point, Times New Roman font. Students are required to properly cite sources (in ASA or
APA) and include a reference page in the same style.
 Option 2: Video presentation (with visuals) (3-5 minutes). Students record and submit a
video presentation while reading over visuals. They are required to make explicit when they
are addressing each question. Students may integrate visuals into Power Point or Google
slides. Both the video and visuals must be submitted. Students are required to properly cite
sources (in ASA or APA) and include a reference page at the end of their lecture slide in the
same style. Students who create a script to read for video presentations typically score well.
 Option 3: Audio presentation (with script) (3-5 Minutes). Students record and submit an
audio presentation (or podcast) with a script. Audio presentations need to be explicit when
addressing each question. The script must be read during the recording, typed (preferred) or
handwritten. For handwritten notes, you must take a screenshot and upload them. Students
are required to properly cite sources in ASA or APA, both in-text and in a reference page at
the end of their script in the same style.
Version 1.0 Page 2 of 5
Required Sources for all deliverable formats
THE FOUR SOURCES BELOW. Definitions for concepts must come from these materials or
the textbook (Golash-Boza 2018).
 Reading
– Logan, Enid. 2019. “Rethinking Race: The Sociology of American Indian Identity.”
August 6.
 Podcast (audio or transcript)
– Biewen, John and Chenjerai Kumanyika. 2017. “Made in America.” March 16 in Seeing
White, produced by Scene on Radio, Center for Documentary Studies, podcast, 33:29.
 Website
– Brown, Anna. 2020. “The Changing Categories the U.S. Census has Used to Measure
Race.” Pew Research Center. February 25.
 Interactive
– Pew Research Center. 2020. “What Census Calls Us.” February 6.
Submission Information
For each option, all related materials must be uploaded by the due date. Where relevant, the docs
must be uploaded in in Word, PowerPoint, google docs, or MP3 audio to the appropriate D2L
folders (Please-No PDFs). If you have any issues, you may send me an email with the
attachments and if necessary, a cut and paste (we will work out the bugs to ensure you will be
able to submit appropriate in the future). If so, please email asap, and no less than 48 hours ahead
of the due date. Lastly, all written materials (paper, slides, lectures) must be below 25%
overlap (per “Turn It In” app connected to submission folder). PVAs with greater than
25% overlap will not be accepted.
What does a “successful assignment” look like?
It is substantive
– Fully answers each of the question
– Draws on and supports answers with evidence from the course materials.
– Defines and accurately applies course concepts
– All central/guiding course concepts (e.g., social construction, race, intersectionality) are in
bold, defined, and correctly applied
It is edited, organized, and well written.
– It is well-prepared, organized, and edited
– It is revised (paper) and/or practiced (audio or video lecture) at least 3 times (preferably, on
separate days
– Includes references where appropriate (in-text and reference page)
Version 1.0 Page 3 of 5
Citation Guidelines
 In-Text citations: Students must cite the sources of the terms and definitions using the ASA
or APA Style guidelines (see D2L). This applies whenever referencing sources as well as
paraphrasing definitions or using direct quotes.
 References: Students must include a “References” section with a list of all sources. All
sources must be formatted within the ASA or APA Style guidelines. References should
follow the last sentence on the next line of your paper, notes, or slides.
Assignment writing and presentation tips (Please read)
 Recommendation: Use the five-paragraph essay (5PE) model to organize your paper,
presentation, or lecture to answer the questions. The 5PE includes: One introductory
paragraph/statement, three body paragraphs/statements, and one conclusion
 Have an introductory paragraph or statement that does the following: Introduces what the
paper/presentation/lecture is about and its organization (i.e., “First, I explore…Second, I
examine…., Third,”)
 Answer the three sub-questions (“First…Second…Third…”) in the order they are presented.
Use them as a roadmap to order and organize your assignment. You may rephrase them in
the introduction. They serve as the roadmap for your audience.
 Depth is better than breadth in this assignment. Do not provide a grocery list of items or
examples-focus on a few. For instance, focus on one case or story (Punch, Keys, or the
lawmakers), analyze it, and make links to ideas and across sources.
 Summarize your selected course sources (2-3 sentences) and then shift to analysis,
explanation, and critique. I have already read/listened to these course materials and do not
need a detailed review. I am interested in your, analysis, application, synthesis, and
evaluation. Students will be graded on these upper-level critical thinking skills.
 Do not begin sentences or lectures with definitions. Also, terms should be defined when you
introduce and address the sub-questions-NOT in the introduction.
 Create an outline before writing. Set up an appointment with me during office hours to
discuss your PVA. When you do make sure to bring either a hard copy (a) of your paper or
outline and/or (b) written questions.
 Have someone proof-read the final publish of your paper and/or make an appointment with a
writing tutor at the NEIU Learning Success Center. If you are doing an audio or video
lecture, give a practice talk to someone or present to yourself while looking in a mirror.
 DO NOT begin the assignment the day before it is due. If you are, you are doing it “wrong


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