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by | Sep 22, 2022 | Other


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Hello! I am glad you can help me with this assigment, just read instruction carefully and make an discussion post then answer two of my clclassmate discussion post. Thank you!
In this module, you learned about the troubleshooting process. Sometimes IT professionals have to ensure that the hardware used for a system is compatible with the OS and that there is no nonconformance. Nonconformance means you are not meeting the minimum requirements for the OS and compatible hardware that is either within the PC or attached to it. Some older hardware is not always compatible with the newer versions of operating systems. For example, an older adapter from an older MacBook does not plug into newer hardware. In this discussion, you and your peers will discuss the importance of hardware and OS compatibilities.
In your initial post, address the following:
Discuss the importance of OS and hardware compatibility and the impact of nonconformance.
Explain how troubleshooting hardware differs from troubleshooting software.
In response to two of your peers, address the following:
Explain whether you agree or disagree with your peers’ claims.
Then discuss how you would troubleshoot an issue for a computer that uses an OS that is not recommended based on the hardware (such as a MacBook that has Windows or Linux on it).
Classmate discussion post!
1-hello, I think that that compatibility between the OS and its hardware is important because as without the correct hardware your system will not run correctly, it may not even work at all. With everything being so updated most of the hardware for older systems may fit wherever needed but does not necessarily mean they will perform at the level needed for the system to be used. Using incompatible hardware could also damage your system if you try to force it or run the system on bad equipment.
As for troubleshooting there is a difference between troubleshooting your hardware and troubleshooting your software. The hardware will be something of a physical nature which would be finding out if the hardware is compatible and/or is the hardware damaged and needs replacement where on the other hand software requires research of the problem or error in order to find a solution. You will have to locate the problem, create a solution, and then test to make sure your solution fixes said problem. This will have some trial and error with it because software is more complicated than hardware.
2-OS and hardware compatibility are very important because without it being fully compatible you can easily run into programs not running correctly or the computer not functioning properly. Installing an operating system on a non-standard machine can possibly result in installation issues and an unstable system. Essentially, hardware that was designed for one machine, may not work for another. Nonconformance would greatly impact an organization in terms of cost, efficiency, and effectiveness. Getting the machine serviced often would help prevent this from happening.
Hardware troubleshooting usually means there are specific parts of the computer, such as a keyboard, mouse, or any of the physical parts inside of the computer are malfunctioning and may need replacing, also if the computer is freezing or if you have the blue screen of death can all also fall into the hardware troubleshooting category. While an example of software troubleshooting would be a program/app not performing correctly and usually has something to do with the operating system.


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