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Getting started

by | Sep 22, 2022 | English


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The purpose of assignment is to further develop and practice your persuasive writing skills by convincing your audience of a change that is worth considering.
Your audience is the person or entity with the power to make the change you are proposing. Do your research.
Assignment Guidelines
Write a short two (2) page memo (about 700 – 800 words) to propose a change at work, on campus, a place of business you visit regularly, OR your memo may propose a change in policy, a new law, or a new process in local, city,
or county government. The options are endless. Try to write about a topic related to your field of study or a topic that relates to your future profession.
Getting Started
1. Select a your topic/issue. Use this is an opportunity to research an issue you are interested in, whether it is within your field or within your community. For example, if you are studying to be a nurse, you might research protocol hospitals use to address pandemics and propose change based on what our country has experienced in the last several months.
2.Find research to support what you are proposing. You will need at least two (2) sources cited in MLA within the document (intext) to support your memo.
3. Begin Writing.
Things to Consider
Your audience doesn’t necessarily see things the way you do. They may not think there is a problem, so you will need to show them by outlining the current situation. What is your perspective? How are other organizations, companies, etc… addressing similar issues? How is this situation impacting others?
Assignment Checklist
– Format should be in memo format – not letter format.
– The audience for this assignment is the company, organization, or person that is in the position to make the change(s) you are proposing, not me or your classmates.
– The opening of the memo should make a connection to the audience. Open with a Buffer (brief background information on the situation, the people involved and what their work entails, or topic in general). Include a clear purpose statement so the audience knows from the start why you are writing this memo.
– The current situation needs to be presented. What is the problem? Provide a brief summary of the situation. Don’t assume the audience knows about the particular situation and or issues you are proposing be changed.
– Research must be used to support your claim and or your position. Make sure you use at least two sources that support what you are proposing. A company is not going to make a change without research to support that what you are proposing will work. The research is presented meaningfully and cited correctly; look at the tips for presenting research in a meaningful way. You must have attributive tags (lead into the research) and a parenthetical reference that closes the research.
– A connection with the audience should be made. Predict audience reaction and try to address counterarguments. -Language/tone should be professional, so the language you use, to some degree, should be formal, respectful.
-Constraints (organizational, legal, ethical, financial, etc…) should be considered. When you support your position, make sure what you are saying is realistic and supported by evidence and if there are limitations and or constraints talk about them.
– A conclusion which recaps and includes a call to action should close out the memo. What’s the next step?
Headings and subheadings must be included.
-Headings are the bolded titles within this document. They help guide the reader. Imagine that headings are titles for the different sections in your memo.


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