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by | Sep 22, 2022 | Statistics


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Total of 100 Points
I. Title Page (5 points) A. Title Page (Title not too “narrowly focused” and not too “vague”; Use APA Format) (5 points).
II. Introduction (35 points)
A. At least 2 paragraphs at beginning which discuss the general problem/issues relevant to the project. Introduce key
conceptual ideas and possibly relevant terminology. (7 points).
B. 3-6 paragraphs reviewing at least 3 relevant experimental studies which bear upon your project in some way (e.g.,
similar methodology, similar goals, similar concepts). At least 1 paragraph per experimental study. Note that
many journal articles report multiple experimental studies so you can take several experimental studies from same
journal article. Each paragraph should explain: what was done, what were the results, and clarify how this study is
related to the current study. (20 points).
C. 1-2 paragraphs at the end of the introduction which explain what you intend to do and why you intend to do it. (8
NOTE: The point of the introduction is to make the reader appreciate the importance and scientific integrity of your
project as well as explain clearly what you intend to accomplish and describe your proposed methodology. Points will
be assigned based upon how well you accomplish these goals.
III. Method Section (15 points total)
A. Participants (3 points). (1 paragraph)
B. Materials/Apparatus/Measures ( 9 points). (1 –6 paragraphs)
C. Procedure (3 points). (1 – 6 paragraphs)
IV. Expected Results/Proposed Analyses (15 points total)
A. Study variables (independent and depended variables) /Scoring (3 points).
B. Preliminary Analysis (3 points).
C. Main Proposed Analyses for (9 points).
V. Discussion (15 points)
A. Restatement of expected key findings and results of the study (3 points).
B. Discussion regarding how the expected findings and results are similar
and different with respect to at least 3 relevant experimental studies (which can
be the same ones as you used in your introduction. (3 points).
C. Implications and contributions to knowledge: practical implications and theoretical implications (5 points).
D. Summary of take-home message. What are the key distinguishing scientific contributions of this project? (4
VI. References (5 points).
References should be properly cited in text using APA format and reference list complete (3 points). At least 3 peer-
reviewed scientific journal articles should be included and integrated into the paper (2 points). At least two of the journal
articles should be published within the last 8 years.
VII. Writing Style (5 points).
0 = not APA format, 1=weak (organization poor and English Grammar use is not acceptable), 2=ok (watch for
ambiguous words; terms not carefully defined; organization poor but English Grammar acceptable; no misspelled
words), 3= good, 4=very good (“excellent” for a typical undergraduate student paper) [each word essential for each
sentence; each sentence essential for each paragraph; each paragraph essential for each section], 5=excellent (scientific
journal quality)
VIII. Appendix (5 points)
A. Surveys, questionnaires, or demographic questions that will be used in your study. (5 point)


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