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Begin commenting on two of your peers’ responses. At a minimum, your responses t

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Healthcare


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Begin commenting on two of your peers’ responses. At a minimum, your responses to other initial posts must be 100 to 200 words each. You can ask technical questions or respond generally to the overall experience. Be objective, clear, and concise. Always use constructive language, even in criticism, to work toward the goal of positive progress.
Having an assortment of processes in place that facilitate an organization to diminish its environmental impacts while increasing its operating productivity in known as an Environmental Management System or EMS (Environmental Management Systems (EMS), 2022). These processes are set in place for all departments in an organization, for example maintenance, plant operations, dietary, and guest services. With these various departments following their EMS protocols, it will help our environment and those that service our environment. It is critical that every organization has an Environmental Management System in place to aid in Environmental Services to keep our resources plentiful.
In an organization, the maintenance department is “often the focus of environmental policies because maintenance itself is a key part of sustainability, as it improves operations and contributes to longer asset life. After all, the best way to reduce waste is by preventing assets from becoming inefficient and from breaking too soon in the first place” (The Future of Maintenance Management, Part 10: Sustainability and Environmental Impact, 2021). In overall plant operations, asset management systems that incorporate large mechanical gear need to be clear and precise as it entails the life cycle of each mechanical gear. “With the right asset management system, operations and maintenance personnel can work together to proactively extend equipment life and prevent breakdowns by closely monitoring device diagnostics. Proactive maintenance translates into faster correction of abnormalities and can extend equipment life while increasing the plant’s overall efficiency and uptime” (Improve Plant Operations and Maintenance, 2013).
The Environmental Management Systems for dietary, could assist in managing sustainable food and reducing wasted food. Having this systematic approach will make reducing wasted food more impactful. Wasted food has and continues to be a rising dilemma in our society, for example “in 2018, the EPA assessed that approximately 63 million tons of food was wasted by the commercial, institutional, and residential sectors. Also in 2018, the EPA stated that the United States had more food that reached landfills and combustion facilities than any other single material in our everyday trash” (Sustainable Management of Food Basics, 2022).
“Excellence in customer service implies that it is consistent, distinct, superior, and exceeds expectations. Because environmental services (ES) are a support department that provides a clean environment in which to practice medical service, it is critically important for ES team members to consistently deliver top-quality service” (Scott-Spaulding, 2014). The culture of a health care organization as it relates to an ES department is expressed in the mission, values, and culture statement. Therefore, having an excellent guest services plan will make sure the organization gets the needed impact in demands. The guest services area will show off the mission, values, and expected behaviors for their organization. Having the employees of guest services follow this plan, will ensure that patients’ or consumers’ experience was top notch and rememberable (Scott-Spaulding, 2014).
The environment of care management departments is responsible for creating a safe environment for the healthcare facilities, creating space for contingencies, and ensuring that the building is up to par for guests as well. These departments help aid in the look of a facility being a place to receive quality care. The functions of these departments include meals, maintenance, and other environmental safety departments. All of these departments fall into six main categories and overall help the facility run efficiently. This could cause the need for support and challenges (Griffin, 2019).
The maintenance department would fall into the category of maintenance of the property, they perform preventative maintenance and keep the environment free from hazards. One way this department supports the overall care of patients is by making sure that utilities are working in the way they should. One challenge they may face is staff not reporting maintenance requests in a timely fashion which could cause delays in care Griffin (2019).
Environmental service is responsible for maintaining a clean environment by keeping the whole facility clean and sanitized. They are also responsible for making the general areas clean. One way they support the healthcare system is by ensuring cleanliness in areas where patients and staff work in. One challenge could be a lack of staff to come and make sure cleanliness is occurring on a consistent basis (Griffin, 2019).
Plant operations are responsible for running the facility overall, they are responsible for making sure all the services in environmental care are working appropriately. They are responsible for making sure there are no hazardous waste and chemical spills. One way they support this is by making sure hazardous materials are handled appropriately. One challenge they may face is staff not reporting hazardous conditions appropriately. Communication is key. The dietary department is responsible for providing appropriate food to guests and for patients. They are responsible for making sure proper diet protocols are followed for patients. They also have to make sure that food is handled safely. This department provides support by making sure that patients receive food that matches their plan of care. One challenge may be ensuring that they have the right diet and allergies for patients. Guest services are responsible for taking care of the needs of guests that come into the facility. Two of their functions include helping with directions and supporting the needs of guests, patients, and staff. This department is supportive because they help guests navigate the facility and provide for the needs of guests that come in. It takes the responsibility off clinical staff. One challenge may be the lack of clinical knowledge and not being able to assist guests in the way they want to be helped (Griffin, 2019).


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