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Directions: This assignment requires that you write your leadership autobiograph

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Communications and Media


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Directions: This assignment requires that you write your leadership autobiography; it is a personal testament to your leadership journey thus far. Describe who you are as a leader and how you got to this place. You may present this information chronologically or in some other manner which is reflective of you as a person and leader. Be sure to address what you learned about yourself within the context of leadership this semester(*), as well as what you already knew about this exciting field of study and your leadership status. Use information obtained throughout the semester to support your observations/reflections and be sure your essay touches on the following questions:
What are your strengths?
-verbal and written communication
– i am good at making other people feel comfortable
– i am very encouraging
– I am very kind
– i am senstive/sympathetic
-creative thinking
-hard working
What are your aspirations?
– I aspire to get a job where my communication skills would benefit, whether it be helping to sell products to the public, maintain strong relationships with investors, clients and customers, or maybe working in the human resources department of a company to help maintain a postiive environment. I aspire to have a positive influence on those around me through my ability to communicate and sympathize.
What or who has influenced you and how?
-My parents have influenced me. My father works for a software company called factset, and he is a senior vice president at the company. His job involves a lot of problem solving, maintaing good relationships with clients, mentoring coworkers, and managing large amounts of people. I’ve witnessed him working with his team on projects and hes very effective at communicating and delegating responsibilities. My father is actually the head of diverstiy and inclusion at his company. I aspire to be as good a leader as him one day. My mother is very sociable, kind, and sensitive. She possesses a lot of positive qualities that I think are very important when it comes to relationships. I hope that I can use these qualities that I have inherited from her to be a good leader.
When did you first notice leadership?
– you can answer this however you want
What social identities (race, religion, abilities, social class, origins, etc.) shape your leadership?
– I am puerto rican
– I am upper middle class
– as far as abilities, I confident in my ablity to communicate, problem solve, sympathize, etc.
What other forces or experiences have shaped your leadership ideas and values?
– you can make this one up
You do not need to answer these questions in the order presented above but your essay should provide a clear picture of your responses. In other words, the above bulleted questions are meant to guide you as you think about what to include in your Leadership Reflection Essay.
(*) LEAD 200 Lessons Learned
There is an instrument associated with each chapter of your textbook (beginning with chapter 2). All instruments appear at the end of the chapter (2-16). To highlight specific lessons learned this semester, you must choose 2 instruments (in addition to those assigned during weekly discussions) from the textbook to complete. Use the information obtained through the completion of these instruments to support this part of your essay. Be sure to address your strengths as well as areas for growth. Throughout your essay, consider using examples from your real-world experiences that highlight your points.
TIPS for Success: Be specific, paint a clear picture for your reader, take time to deeply reflect and most of all, tell your leadership story! Submissions should be double-spaced using a standard 12-point font (e.g. Arial or Times New Roman) and approximately 5 pages in length.
Textbook access:
password: Yolo1207


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