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APN Interview This week we will be reporting on the interview with your APN. Al

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Nursing


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APN Interview
This week we will be reporting on the interview with your APN. Along with the interview you will be investigating the Board of Nursing’s scope of practice and national certification requirements.
Identify the APN you interviewed and summarize the interview, which may include (if not in the interview, please address):
Describe the organization and setting, population, and colleagues where your interviewee works.
Examine regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice/work (and that your interviewee resides, if different).
Examine the Scope of Practice for your state of practice and that of your interviewee, if different
Describe the professional organizations available for membership based on your selected role.
Identify required competencies, including certification requirements for your selected role and that of your interviewee.
Submission Details:
This will be a 2-4 page paper (excluding the title page and references).
Literature support is encouraged and points are assigned.
Peer reviewed articles that are non-research and nursing organization websites may be used. All articles must be current (not more than five years old, unless it is a hallmark reference; e.g., Institute of Medicine (IOM) (2010). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.
Format your paper, citations, and references using correct APA Style.
Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned
Interview questions and answers Her name is Joan Lanier The villages health primary care clinic in Florida What does your day-to-day schedule look like as far as patient load? Can you define some roles that are in your scope of practice? I see 10-18 patients a day. It varies from day to day but the usual amount is 13. Roles I play are various procedures, assessing patiants, diagnose, gathering a history and physical, treat chronic and acute illnesses and injuries. 2. Do you feel rushed to spend time with your patients? Most days I don’t feel rushed. Some days yes but the majority of time at this clinic no. Everywhere else I have worked did feel rushed. Is there a specific time allotted to each patient? each patient’s visit is slotted for 30 mins or 1 hour depending on the type of visit. Or is there flexibility? There is no flexibility. The time of the visit is decided at scheduling. 3. How often do you look for outside resources to help guide you in your clinical decision-making? Every day that she works she use’s at least one resource just to solidify information or to look for new information. 4. Why did you choose this role? Is it what you anticipated it would be? She Went into nursing and NP with the intent to help people. It is not what she anticipated it would be. More time is spent paying attention to the insurance guidelines than do her patients. 5. Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role as a clinical professional? No. More was learned on the job. However, the foundation she built during school is helpful. 6. What was your previous experience before becoming an ARNP? Paramedic and RN. Costume maker. Cleaner. Teacher. 7. Tell me when you were placed in a challenging position and how you managed it? Took job in St. Lucia. Where she played an NP role. She was the only provider on the island. She Learned to do skills expected of her because of patient needs and acuity. 8. What other licenses were required for your role outside of your board licensure? For example, BLS, ACLS, etc.? How often do you have to renew? Acls, BLS, and PALS BLS only requirement for her current job. State license renews every 2 years, national certification renewal every 5 years. 9. What is your best advice to a student FNP? Concentrate on foundational knowledge the most. Not physical skills. A&P and pharm and all other foundation courses are going to help with developing NP skills. 10. What is your favorite part of this job? And least favorite? The most favorite part are the people she works with. Least favorite part is dealing with Insurance requirements. 11. Do you only see patients in the office? Or do you have a hospital rotation as well? No only in office. 12. Do you practice independently in your current position? Or do you work under the supervision of a physician? She practices under the supervision of a physician.


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