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Purpose and Description Within the workplace, you may occasionally be called upo

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Business and Management


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Purpose and Description
Within the workplace, you may occasionally be called upon to write a proposal to start a project. This can be an informal or formal process that is undertaken for a client or for internal purposes. The purpose of a proposal is to identify a problem and speculate on how to address that problem. For this class, with our focus on writing and communication, you will write a research proposal in which you address a communication problem that you have identified in a company.
The Pre-Writing Process
Look back over your previous writing assignments where you examined the corporate culture of a company or applied to a position within a company. As you looked through their corporate documents, did you notice any particular communication problems? Do their public-facing materials successfully appeal to their intended audiences? Are any particular aspects of their website lacking? Do the communications policies of the company align with the company culture?
If you do not notice an immediate communication problem, do some research on the company. Where do issues with communication seem to arise? As you peruse their website and public documents, what issues do you notice? How does the company’s writing compare to the “business style” that is described in the textbook?
If you currently work, is there something about your company that really annoys you, especially related to communication? Are there any ways in which you believe that communications could be improved or streamlined? Beyond communication, are there any policies that are unclear or inefficient in your opinion?
Once you have identified a problem at a company, either one you have chosen to analyze or one where you currently work, articulate exactly why it is a problem. What are you losing because of this problem? Why is this problem important? How would addressing this problem make the organization better?
Writing It Up
Once you have conducted your research, begin drafting an informal proposal where you articulate the problem, explain why this problem is important, and how addressing the problem will benefit the company.
In addition to articulating a problem, suggest some possible strategies for addressing this problem in the latter half of the proposal. Since this is a proposal, the solutions do not need to be fully formed, but you should provide a few suggestions that can address the problem based on your research. Make sure these suggestions correspond to the corporate culture of the company.
While the proposal itself is informal, you should still aim to follow the principles of “business style” writing that we have covered during the past week of class. Your writing should be concise and clear. Aim for an average sentence length of around 14-16 words and an average paragraph of around 3-5 sentences.
In total, your proposal should answer all of the following questions:
What problem is facing the company?
How does this problem impact the efficiency/business of the company? In other words, why is this a problem?
How will addressing this problem benefit the company in the short and long term?
What are some potential solutions that you can offer to solve this problem?
How do these solutions address the problem?
Specific Requirements
Your research proposal should:
Identify a problem facing a workplace;
Recommend a course of action for addressing that problem;
Be approximately 500 words in length;
Demonstrate rhetorical knowledge of context and audience and be written in appropriate style;
Be uploaded to Blackboard as a Word document by the deadline.
Course Learning Outcomes
Completing this assignment will address the following student learning outcomes:
Reflects a control of the editing process, including the production of documents which exhibit concise language, appropriate format, proper sentence structure, and standardized grammar.
Adheres to professional standards and conventions of business communication genres such as letters, reports and resumes
Appropriately responds to specific business writing situations with an understanding of context, purpose, and audience
Reflects an analysis of workplace problems and proposes clear, precise, and innovative solutions for a specific audience


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