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Assignment Instructions Watch the Movie Top Gun The paper should include the fol

by | May 30, 2022 | English


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Assignment Instructions
Watch the Movie Top Gun
The paper should include the following.
You will be expected to cover five unique interpersonal communication concepts in your paper. You should pick five concept from below. Remember that this is a communicative analysis. It is important to cite dialogue and behaviors from your chosen movie that support your arguments.
Paper Formatting Requirements
Your paper should be in MLA format with a Works Cited page. Make sure to include in-text citations as needed.
Your paper should have a SEPARATE title page (I recognize this is not a normal MLA feature. Just create a title page as you see fit)
Your paper should be five pages in length.
The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion
This is a professional paper and should be well-organized, and free of grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos.
The paper should be written third-person perspective.
Use section headers for each unique concept
Longer quotes should be in free-standing block format (indented and separated from regular sentence structure)
All analysis should be your original thought and work.
The introduction of the paper should contain the following information in essay form:
An attention-getting hook
The name of the film
A brief two-line description of the film
Why do you feel this film is worthy of analysis? In other words, what is your overall thesis on the importance of the film to interpersonal communication?
The theories and communication principles you will be addressing in the paper.
Your conclusion should summarize the main points made in the paper and leave the reader with a final thought on the subject.
Each paragraph of the body of the paper should do the following:
Identify each unique concept with a section header.
Identify the theory or principle being discussed in the paragraph.
Explain the theory or principle being discussed in the paragraph IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Do not just copy a definition from the book.
Then (most likely in a second paragraph or even third) provide an example of the concept from the sitcom. You should make sure that I have enough information to know that the concept is demonstrated. This means that you will need to provide a brief description of the scene, non-verbal behavior, and demonstrate actual communication dialogue or behaviors that justify this type of communication occurring in the sitcom. It is expected that your paper will have dialogue (direct quotes of conversation) from the sitcom to support your analysis. Please be sure to format properly and make sure you use in-text citations. In simpler language, you will be providing an example of your concept in action from the sitcom.
Knapp’s Relationship Stages
Cooley’s Looking Glass Theory
Social Roles
Johari Window
Channels of Communication
Lean vs. Rich Communication
Languages of Love
Conflict Styles
Conflict in Relational Systems
Conflict & Gender
Conflict & Culture
Managing conflict
Content & relationship messages
Reasons for communication
Mediated vs face-to-face communication
Synchronous vs. asynchronous communication
Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension
Hyperpersonal communication
Impression Management
Masculine & Feminine Intimacy Styles
Cultural Influences of Intimacy
Gibb’s defensive and supportive behaviors
Gender communication
Family rituals
Family systems
Types of friendships
Reasons relationships develop
Triangular Theory of Love
Relationship turning points
Couples’ conflict styles
Affect displays
Attraction theory
Connotative language
Halo effect
Horns effect
Leave-taking behavior
Assertive messages
Communication climates
Social Penetration Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Communication Privacy Management Theory
I-vs-You statements
The fallacy of Perfection, Approval, Shoulds, Overgeneralization, Causation, Helplessness, Catastrophic expectations
Identity Management
But statements
Non-verbal communication
Emotional Intelligence
Powerless Speech
Emotive language
Linguistic convergence
Symbolic Language
Face Threatening Acts
Saving Face
Confirmation Messages
Public & Private selves
Reflected Appraisal
Social Comparison Theory
Reference Groups
Communication Patterns in Families
Sex, Gender & Friendship


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