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~ short Research Paper: Argument~ Contributing to Our Economy and Pursuing Goa

by | May 26, 2022 | English


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~ short Research Paper: Argument~
Contributing to Our Economy and Pursuing Goals After College
Remember when you were a kid and someone asked, “What do you want to be
when you grow up”
Assignment: Part of our course writing requirement is showing that you can
research and create an argumentative essay based on your own research. As
this is an SLO based on the writing format we have been doing all semester
(and there is no class material required), we do not have a required Discussion
Board. However, I welcome you to communicate with me (and The Writing
Center) if you need direction and commentary before it is due. Email me. 🙂 This also is not a standard research assignment. The scope of this paper is to pick a topic that is personalized to something you want to go into as far as a
profession. The research then is to learn about your chosen field! This has
real-world value. The argument component of this is important because you want to consider the other side, and why others may not agree that the chosen field is beneficial, profitable, or in demand. This can give you valuable insight into future plans.
Questions to start:
Consider your college major. If you are undecided, that’s okay too! This is a
great opportunity to look at various career paths. What job/career will you
explore? How is this field beneficial? This will make the research process
personalized for your future career goals.
Often, it’s exciting to write about what we choose! But the research paper should be specific. You shouldn’t write an entire history of something. You want to focus on why the occupation is rewarding (i.e., Biomolecular engineering is a
worthwhile occupation due to …). You want to have a specialized field and
persuade your readers that it is a valuable career path.
You need to pick an original topic with a specific/concise focus to be covered
in 3-5 pages (remember, do not write under the 3-page minimum).
Find A MINIMUM OF Three credible outside sources (you can have more) that will support the reasons) for your thesis stance.
Remember to set up quotes appropriately, in MLA format. Be sure that you have a BALANCED amount of research AND EXPLANATION (critical thinking) on
your research.
Important Requirements:
Double-space throughout; do not skip spaces in-between. Indent paragraphs. Have last name/page number in the upper right-hand corner of all pages. The minimum is 3-5 pages. This does not include the required, properly formatted Works Cited
Classical Argument Essay Format Required. This essay should still have an
Introduction, Body, and Conclusion—the same things each of our essay assignments have included, along with the refutation paragraph before the conclusion (where you counter-argue the other side, those who would not choose to go into your chosen field). You want to convince/persuade the opposition that
your job choice is valid.
Have a Works Cited page that is in proper MLA Format. Your Works Cited page must include all research used in your paper. See “Pages” to review.
Remember that your research evidence/quotes must support your thesis statement; do not wander off-topic. Also, make sure that all of your examples,
critical thinking and explanations of the quoted research relate to the thesis.
To earn a passing grade on this assignment, you MUST have:
The Classical Argument Essay Structure we have been writing this semester.
At least three sources (using direct quotes) from our online scholarly journal database. This means you must utilize our library database (remember, this is an LBCC SLO Requirement). Database link:
MLA format on Sources.
Good ideas and Clarity/Mechanics.
Grading for this assignment includes your quoted research’s connection to
the thesis and the critical thinking are done on your quoted research, as well as
FORMAT. This means that you must correctly cite your work for in-text parenthetical citations AND on your Works Cited Page. Please remember, this is an
an important component of any research paper, as it lends credibility to your
Conciseness counts. Be sure that your sentence order builds to create one
overall idea per paragraph. All of your sentences need to relate/connect
logically, creating connected, unified ideas that all relate to your thesis.
***Plagiarism: Make sure to cite EVERYTHING that is not your own thought***


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