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Respond to the following and complete each section. “Calling” Cards Content Part

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Religion and Theology


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Respond to the following and complete each section.
“Calling” Cards Content Part 1:
A business card not only provides information; it also gives a sense of the purpose and mission of the company and the owner of the card. For this assignment, you create a personal calling card (I apologize if you hate puns). The card is your personal card (your name on it) and should reflect your sense of purpose and calling at the beginning of the course. You will make additional versions throughout the course.
Please create a two-sided personal calling card in digital format (.jpg, .png, or .pdf). The card should be sized 2 inches by 3.5 inches. I expect you to use color, graphics and/or a logo, and text effectively to convey your sense of self. In lieu of an address and phone number, use email and/or social media links.
For ideas, see:
For general design help:
Principles of design:

More principles of design:
Type and fonts:

Remember to submit one copy of your two-sided card into the assignment location and a second copy into the first discussion thread for this module.
Calling Card This should be on a slide:
Complete the “Calling Card 1” assignment and post both sides of your card into the first thread for module 1. Provide no more than one paragraph of explanatory description of your card (module objectives 1 and 4). Then post a reply to at least one other card and how it reflects the person’s purpose(s) and calling.
Be sure to employ the definitions for “purpose” and “calling” provided by Building Your Knowledge 1. Also, select for analysis cards that have few or no analyses posted to them.
Discussion 1:
During this module, you have been introduced to the idea of vocation. In this discussion thread, first identify how vocation has been misunderstood, both in the past and in the present. Be specific, using examples from your readings, lectures, and/or videos. Then, explain how vocation is properly understood. Again, be specific, especially using your reading from God at Work. You might do well to interact with the ideas of the ‘masks of God’ and the ‘two kingdoms’ which Veith summarizes in his book.
Discussion Reflection:
After Listening to the instructor’s video lecture, answer the following questions:
1. When you hear the word “vocation,” what do you think about? How do you define Christian vocation in your own words?
2. What did you learn about vocation or God’s call as you were growing up? Has this concept changed for you now as an adult?
3. Does your faith influence how you make major decisions related to your vocation—in terms of relationships or work and other activities, for example? If so, in what ways? If not, why not? Share an example of a time that your faith impacted your decision-making.[Watch for a question posted by the course instructor.]
Your journal is a space to reflect on what you learned and communicate privately with me. This course challenges you to think about your future direction and sense of vocation through an interaction with course material. The journal charts your reflection and growth through the course.
In this initial journal, write one or two substantial paragraphs about your personal awareness of your purpose in life and your calling at the start of this course. How do you see your future? What drives you? What frightens you? I ask you to be personal, since self-awareness is the first step toward reflective practice. Remember to use specific course material to help you reflect and connect.
Following your reflective writing, I ask you to write one additional paragraph, however short or long, about how your online experience is going so far. Is there anything I can do to help you? Do you have questions about the online environment or the activities of the module?
Watch: Videos and Lectures (Video Links found in the Course Resource List)
Video: Thoughts on Christian Vocation
Lecture: Build Your Knowledge 1
Video: We All Have a Vocation?

Read: “Call” Texts from Scripture (Scripture Links found in the Course Resource List)
Genesis 12:1-5a
Exodus 3:1–4:17
1 Samuel 16:1–13
Jeremiah 1:4–10
Luke 1:26–56
Matthew 4:18–22
Acts 9:1–20
Read: God at Work (Veith) (Chapter Links found in the Course Resource List)
Chapter 1 (pp. 13–24)
Chapter 2 (pp. 25–35)


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