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Objective: You will engage in a chat with a NASA scientist and summarize your fi

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Other


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Objective: You will engage in a chat with a NASA scientist and summarize your findings.
Space Missions Project: For this assignment, you will be interviewing a NASA scientist about a topic and summarizing your discussion. Working at NASA, it means you have a shared vision with other NASA scientists, “to reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind”. But who works for NASA?
Researchers, engineers, geologists, microbiologists, and physicists
Writers, human resource specialists, and communications professionals
Computer programmers and IT specialists
Medical doctors, nurses, and mental health care professionals
How to Become a NASA Scientist: In order to pursue a career with NASA, a student must study a broad range of topics. When enrolling in college, a student with their sights set on becoming part of the team at NASA would most likely choose one of the following fields of study: Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, General Engineering, or Meteorology. With a strong academic path consisting of mostly STEM subjects, a student also needs to sprinkle in some of the humanities, such as philosophy, history, and/or ethics. It is also beneficial for the student to be well-rounded, developing themselves fully by not only expanding their knowledge, but staying healthy, taking care of their body, and developing people and leadership skills.
NASA accepts internships for students in college through their Pathway Program or after college through their Recent Graduates Program. Once accepted into these programs, the individual will go through an intense, one-year career development program, which in some cases may be extended for an extra year. Upon completion of the program, the individual may get the opportunity to earn a more permanent job with NASA. For students who have completed advanced graduate work, there is also the final NASA Pathways Program, titled the Pathways Presidential Management Fellows Program. Once accepted, these individuals are immersed in an intensive leadership development program, giving them a boost up the NASA career ladder to important government positions.
But how does a student get to transform into an astronaut? First, they must apply to the International Space program to be an Astronaut Candidate. If accepted, the individual will be assigned to the Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, where they will spend approximately two years training intensively and being evaluated for suitability as an astronaut.
As you continue your coursework, think about your interests and your strengths. If you think that you would be interested in having a career with NASA, continue to stay focused and work hard. You could soon be working on projects that will bring new discoveries of distant planets or even better, you may be traveling there yourself! Always know that anything is possible; you are the scientist of tomorrow, and as the saying goes…Reach for the moon, you may land among the stars.
Now, it’s time to pick the brain of a real-life NASA scientist!
The Assignment: Choose one of the two options shown below:
Option 1: Chat with a Live NASA Scientist
Visit the NASA website to Chat with A Scientist to begin the assignment. Once here, look for any live chats going on in real time to join. If you see one that interests you, click on the chat to read current answers to questions and to ask your own! As you are engaged in the chat, write down the answers to the questions below so that you can complete the assignment.
Option 2: Review Previous Chats with a NASA Scientist
You can also access previously recorded scripts of chats with NASA scientists to complete the assignment. Look through the archived chats and find a topic that peaks your interest. You will read through the series of questions, asked by students just like you, and the scientist’s answers. Then, answer the questions below.
Ask an Astronomer
Jupiter and Venus:
Ask a Meteorologist
Ask an Astrobiologist
Ask an Astrophysicist
Giant Black Holes:
With the chat of your choice as the focus, answer the questions below. Then, use your answers along with the information you learned to write a short summary of the chat.
1. What is the name of the chat?
2. In one sentence, what is the topic of the chat?
3. What type of scientist was moderating the chat?
4. What are five questions that you asked or that others asked that you found interesting in the chat?
5. What were the answers to those five questions from the scientist?
6. What impact does the content of this chat have on your view of the universe?
7. In your own words, summarize the chat and what you learned in a minimum of five sentences.
Rubric is Attached!


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