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MKTB101 Marketing Communications MKTB132 Individual Home Assignment (75% of fina

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Marketing


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MKTB101 Marketing Communications MKTB132
Individual Home Assignment (75% of final grade)
Task Description
Please write a 2,500-word assignment, in Microsoft Word format, that provides a critical
analysis of a chosen brand focusing on the following issue:
“Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) practices of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
(FMCG) brands”
The assignment should include the following topics:
– Analysis of the chosen brand’s industry/product category
– Analysis of the marketing communications mix of the chosen brand (advertising, sales
promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, and public relations, etc.)
– The importance of IMC campaigns
– The importance/issues of digital marketing (social media, content marketing,
influencer marketing, etc.)
Please choose an FMCG brand that can be evaluated according the above criteria. Discuss the
importance of IMC and provide recommendations that will help the brand in the future.
Administrative requirements:
Words count: 2,500 (+/- 10%), Times New Roman size 12 fonts, double spacing, not including
appendices and list of references, tables, graphs, and diagrams. Harvard style referencing is a
must (in-text references and list of references at the end). The number of references in the
essay should be at least 10 (3 academic, including text book and journal articles and 7 online
sources that can be about the brand, its webpage or articles online about the topic).
Indicative content:
– Introduction
– Analysis of the chosen FMCG brand’s product category/industry
– Analysis of the chosen brand
– Conclusion and recommendations
– List of references
– Appendix
Deadline: Please see on the Moodle page of the module.
The assignment will be assessed based on the following criteria (see the grid on Moodle):
• Choice of brand (10%)
• Analysis of the FMCG brand’s product category/industry (20%)
• Analysis of chosen brand (50%)
• Choice of sources, referencing (10%)
• Language and style (10%)
Papers shorter than 2,250 and longer than 2,750 words will be penalized. Papers shorter than
2,000 words fail automatically. Papers that contain less than ten (10) (3 academic and 7 other)
sources can only receive a passing grade. Academic sources are academic journal articles and
The resit arrangement for the assignment is the same as above; you may resubmit the same
paper, with corrections, that you submitted by the original deadline. The resubmission
deadline will be specified on Moodle after the grades for the original submission are
Academic conduct notice
Harvard-style referencing needs to be used consistently throughout. Incomplete referencing
shall result in reporting the case to the Academic Conduct Officer, who keeps a record of such
violations. First offenders may resubmit their papers and may receive 50% at most. Repeated
violations of academic standards shall be sanctioned in line with the plagiarism regulations as
detailed in the Student Handbook.
Where the Academic Conduct Officer has reason to suspect that a piece of work submitted by
a student was wholly or in part written by someone other than the student who submitted it,
and this has not been disclosed by the student, they may call for the student to defend the
work in a viva or a written comprehension test. The burden of proof in such a viva or test will
be upon the student to demonstrate to the examination panel’s satisfaction his/her full
comprehension of the work s/he has submitted. Failure to appear without satisfactory
explanation will result in immediate failure of that assessment, with consequences of
academic misconduct and application of sanctions.


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