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. This is an opportunity to reflect on your development from a young writer into

by | Apr 5, 2022 | English


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. This is an opportunity to reflect on your development from a young writer into someone with more knowledge and experience. This is not to say that it should be an essay on your improved mastery of the semi-colon, although your essay may deal with that. It is an opportunity to think about writing in the big-picture sense. The essay is asking about your relationship to writing, how that relationship may have shifted during your time in this course, and how you can take that knowledge with you into the future.
You may draw upon everything that you’ve experienced and produced in this course to help form and explain your theory. For example, you can pull from all the readings, the modules, and the handbook, but you should also be consulting your journal entries, your assignments, and the feedback you received on your writing. If you want to reference one of the authors from Module 9 and their conception of writing, you are welcome to do so; however, they cannot be the focus of your assignment. Your focus must remain on your own writing across the term.
There are several different prompts in this assignment sheet to help you focus your thinking, but whichever you choose, the result of your reflections will be a formal essay that shares your insights about yourself with a reader.
o The essay should cover ideas discussed throughout the course. o The essay must have a clear and consistent thesis.
o Your essay’s word count total between 450 and 550 words.
o This assignment is an essay.
o You may choose to write in either MLA or APA style.
o This essay is grounded in personal experiences and opinions. It may
therefore be written using slightly informal tone and diction.
Direct quotation is required. Quotes must be integrated into your own sentences.
o This document should be formatted in either MLA or APA style. • RESEARCH:
o No research is required for this assignment.
o You may quote from anything used in or produced for this course.
Prompts: use one of the following prompts to guide your essay. You do not need to answer all the questions in prompt exactly. You should also avoid producing a list of answers to the individual questions. You should instead use the set of questions to guide your thinking as you produce a unified response to the prompt. However, you do need to address both change across the term and what you will bring with you into the future.
1. Narrate the process of one assignment, similar to Lamott and Osborne. You can use drafts, lectures, journals, feedback, peer reviews. You can trace your process or use your internal process from the “Think-Aloud Exercise.” How does your writing progress from the vague brainstorming level to the final draft? What spurs your process, and what hinders it? What is effective about your process, and what could use improvement? How can you use your knowledge of your writing to approach writing in the future?
2. Describe how your writing and your relationship with writing has changed across the term. How have these assignments, journals, and other activities changed your approach to writing? Have they given you different techniques or styles of writing? Have they made you realize any of your strengths, or changed any of your weaknesses? Have you considered your writing from a different angle as you learned more about paragraphs, citations, norms, genre, and the like? Where did your writing start, where is it now, and where might it be in the future – academically, professionally, and otherwise?
3. Consider your understanding of writing at the activity level, the genre level, and/or the theory level. Using your writing across the term, choose one or two levels of writing to ask yourself: why do you write? What drives your process? What are your activities of writing? What do they tell you about what writing is to you? What have you learned about your writing process across the term that has given you a better understanding of why you write? Have any concepts you’ve learned helped you understand why you write? How can you take your understanding of why you write with you into future writing?
Marking Requirements:
• You have an argumentative thesis about your personal theory of writing
• You stay focused on proving your thesis throughout the essay
• You address one of the prompts in some manner
• You quote directly from at least one of your various writings across the term
• You address your development as a writer in at least one of the following
a. How your relationship with writing had changed across the term
b. How your understanding of writing has changed across the term
c. How your writing process has changed across the term
• Your address how your current understanding of writing will prepare you for successful engagement with future writing tasks
• You keep your essay organized and coherent
• You use proper MLA or APA citation style and format


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