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Length: 600 words (any paper that falls below the length requirement will lose p

by | Mar 6, 2022 | English


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Length: 600 words (any paper that falls below the length requirement will lose points. Any paper under 550 words will lose 15 pts. Any paper under 500 words will lose 25 pts.)
The paper must be in proper MLA format.
correct heading: student’s name, instructor’s name, course and date (if missing -10 points)
in Times New Roman font with type size of 12 (any paper not in the correct font will lose -10 points. Any paper not in correct type size will lose -10 points)
double-spaced (not double-spaced -25 pts.)
five paragraphs (four paragraphs -20 pts. Any paper that is three paragraphs or less will receive a ‘0’
For this assignment, each student will select an article related to his/her proposed research topic and critique the article. Remember: The topic must come from the list of approved research paper topics or the topic must be approved by the instructor. In the critique, the student will comment on and evaluate the article in the light of certain issues and theoretical concerns as related to the research topic. You must include a link to the article you are critiquing. You may include the link to the article at the end of your paper, or you may post it in the comment box of the submission link.
The critique should include the following: (The paper must be in proper essay format.)
I. Summary:
Provide the author’s name, the title of the article, the title of the publication, and the date of publication.
Provide a summary of the author’s main argument and the point(s) you intend to make about it.
II. Background Information:
Provide the background material to help your readers understand the importance of the article. This might include:
an explanation of why the subject is of current interest
a reference to possible controversy surrounding the subject or the article itself
biographical information about the author (include only information that explains the author’s credentials)
an account of the circumstances under which the article was written
reference to intended audience of the article (if the article appears in an educational journal the intended audience would probably be teachers)
III. Critique:
Provide a detailed appraisal of the author’s work. Go into depth about what you liked or didn’t like about the article. Explain if you would use the article for your research paper. Consider the following factors:
Significance of topic: e.g. national in scope, limited to local issues, etc.; important, trivial, etc.
Timeliness of topic: Is it a ‘hot’ topic? Has it been overdone? Why is it an important issue?
Organization of the article: well-reasoned, easy to follow and understand. Provide specific details to support this point.
Writing style: interesting vs. boring, cumbersome, etc. Provide specific details to support this point.
Analytical style: Are the conclusions the author makes too simplistic? Does the article rely too much on outside sources? Does the author avoid real analysis of the issue? Or, does the author provide insightful details? Provide examples to support your point.
Research: What type of research has the author done? Has the author provide any outside research? Provide examples.
IV. Response to Article:
Respond to the article and the author’s views.
With which views do you agree?
With which do you disagree?
Discuss the reasons for agreement and disagreement. When possible, tie these reasons to assumptions-both the author’s and your own.
V. Support for Research Paper:
This section should discuss how the article will help you in your defense of your research topic. Make clear to the reader your intended research topic and stance.
What will the article help prove?
How will you use the article in your research paper
This is an example of what it should look like:
Student Name
Course/Section Number
Article Critique: “Comprehensive Sex Education for Teens Is More Effective than Abstinence”
According to David Carter, the United States rates the highest among developed countries for teenage pregnancies and STDs, and he believes abstinence-only sex education is to blame. Carter points out that the more abstinence was stressed, the higher the pregnancy and STD rates were stressed. He goes on to say that nurses in adolescent health and school nurses are also believe that providing comprehensive sexual health information to teenagers is appropriate and effective. Carter’s article, titled “Comprehensive Sex Education for Teens Is More Effective than Abstinence” was first seen in the American Journal of Nursing in March of 2012.
The topic of sex education is important because it is impacting the younger generation, and it can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. However, it is not an easy topic to discuss, and it has been a topic that has been argued by Americans for years. Sex education comes back to health as evident by this article being in a nursing journal. The article is intended for nurses, school nurses to be specific, but it could be found useful by teachers and/ or parents. The author, David Carter, is educating school nurses, telling them that a more comprehensive approach is more effective, and they should feel comfortable in knowing that talking about contraceptives to their patients will not promote more teen pregnancies and STDs.
Carter’s writing style is well-reasoned and backed up with support by his research that includes a case study of forty-eight states, an interview with a nurse and an interview with a professor of nursing. The article is easy to follow, mainly because it is short and straight to the point. He simply tells the reader the facts of his research that abstinence-only approaches increase teen pregnancy rates. He then tells his audience how to go about using his research. I found his writing to be a little on the boring side. He does not use any colorful language to capture the audience’s attention or pay much attention to detail to explain his research. He does not elaborate whatsoever. For example, ‘Of the four approaches, the most effective was level 1, which included comprehensive sex or HIV education (or both´) and covered contraception, condom use, and abstinence.’ I would have preferred to know more research details.
The article clearly and concisely states, the more sex education presses on abstinence, the higher the teenage pregnancy and STD rates go. I believe this is true because abstinence only sex education leaves out a complete safe sex practical curriculum. I also agree that, if accessible, a school nurse can be one of the most approachable people in a student’s life. School nurses have a duty to teach and inform their patients about abstinence as well as contraceptives. I do not disagree with anything in this article. The article is very brief, and the content that it does cover I happen to agree with.
This article clearly helps me prove my point that comprehensive sex education classes should be mandatory in schools rather than abstinence only classes or no sex education at all. It proves that comprehensive sex lowers the rates of unwanted teenage pregnancies and STDs. It also shows that more education is better, telling nurses to not be afraid to inform the country’s youth about safe sex. I will use this article in my research paper to show David Carter’s research of levels of abstinence education and the effect it had on the corresponding states’ pregnancy and STD rates.
*i think it’s a good idea to use one of the articles from the assignment done before this one which i will also send as a reminder


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