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Instructions Please respond to all 8 discussion separately/INDIVIDUALLY. Please

by | Mar 4, 2022 | Nursing


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Instructions Please respond to all 8 discussion separately/INDIVIDUALLY. Please divide the words equally between the 8 responses. Discussion #1I like how GCU is committed to building relationships between staff members and students, counselors, technical support, study groups and club organizations to help build that bond according to each students degree program. Sometimes family is not enough support because sometimes family do not have a heart for those who are trying to achieve a higher degree than what they have because sometimes they feel like the student may become more successful than they are so they won’t their support or even an encouraging word. So the support that GCU offers speak of their integrity. With that being said I will open up more to everyone and everything.
Discussion #2In the past I believed that I did not need anyone to be successful. I had the idea that I could just power through any situation as long as I tried hard enough. As I get older I realized that having relationships are a great benefit. At work I have made long lasting work relationships and some have turned into genuine friendships. There has been multiple times I have been in a pinch and one of those relationships has bailed me out. At GCU I hope to do the same. I believe that I will build a good relationship with my academic counselor. They seem to keep in touch with us on a regular basis and they stay with us until graduation. As far as student clubs go, I would like to get involve with the Native American Student Union and the GCU American Red Cross. I am Native American and working with other Native American students could be a great experience. I believe in what the Red Cross does and I would be willing to volunteer. As we progress through our studies, I hope to recognize other students going for the same degree. It would be nice to study and work with students that have the same goal.
Discussion #3I am a firm believer that academic relations are critical to my education career. My academic counselor calls me every other week just to check in on me, and to see if there is anything that he can help me with. I love his positivity about my education, it keeps me positive and focused. Relations that I plan to continue to develop is with GCU tutoring, my instructor, my classmates, and my financial advisor. These relations will set me up to succeed.
Discussion #4I have a good support system but my first time reading the discussion questions I thought that I didn’t. My biggest and always been my greatest support when it comes to me trying to make improvements in life is my mother. She had a hard time raising me and my siblings but by the grace of God she endure the hardship. T he next person is my pastor and his wife. I say both because she is there supporting him as he supports me for the Bible says that when a man and woman are joined together in holy matrimony they are no longer two but one. When it comes to any department that needs to be filled or someone to render a helping hand in service I would be the one that my pastor would recommend to do it. And my last supporter would be my Educational Specialist from a different university who gives great advice and motivation.
Discussion #5 Support groups are very important at the moment I don’t have a group in mind that I would like to join until I feel like I am at a stable place with balancing school and everyday life I feel like a group may be too much right now. when it comes to a support system right now I am my biggest support system my personal life support has their thoughts about school and they are proud of me but they don’t fully understand the importance of school to me just yet. my school support Emily vitel is my advisor and she has been very persistent and very helpful the whole way I pray she stays with me all four years because as of right now she is my biggest and only support system. if when I feel comfortable with balancing every day I would like to start or maybe join a group that supports mental stability with balancing school and personal life just a vent group where we can discuss everything and be each other’s support for people that need more support then just themselves like myself.
Discussion #6 Just as it is for a structure to stand firm, it needs to be built on a solid foundation, so it is for individuals to have successful endeavors, they need a strong support system. Upon re-enrolling in college, I chose to keep that information between myself and immediate family only. Therefore, my mother, husband, son and my husband’s parents are my support system. They encourage me daily by reminding me of my ‘Why’. They are constantly checking in to see how school is going. My husband now helps out more around the house to ensure that I have more time to focus on studies. Our seven-year-old son likes to read the prompts while I do assignments sometimes and give his input, those moments are so uplifting for me. Discussion #7Having a solid support system can make a substantial difference in many aspects of your life. This is especially true for academia and for the military. I thank God each day that he blessed me with such a strong support system. My family and friends have to be hands down my most important support system. I want for little in terms of supportive individuals around me. My wife has always been there to cheer me on and reassure me during any difficulties. I know I have always been able to approach my parents or close friends when I need advice or just someone to talk to. This has made a world of difference in terms of the motivation I have to get work done and just experience the sheer joy of life. In terms of support groups within GCU, the one I have and will be taking advantage of is my counselor. I know they will always be there to answer my questions or offer me words of advice. Discussion #8Growing up I thought I had a great support system and I could do anything while I had them by my side. A few years ago, I began to realize that those who I thought were my support system were not as supportive as I thought they were. My ideas were not supported because they did not understand or agree. Other times it was because they wanted to support others and not me. I later found my best friend that has supported me since we met. Without thinking, she became my whole support system. We have had countless talks about my dealing with things and rather than ignoring them and not wanting to see my point of view, she has understood me completely. Even on the topics that she does not completely understand, she is still willing to support me.


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