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Health disparity.

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Uncategorized


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Assignment Content
Communication, teamwork, and advocacy are essential to advancing population health. In this assignment, you will identify a local population experiencing a health disparity. You will then determine all social determinates of health that are impacting the population and influencing the disparity’s existence. Based on this information, you will develop a plan to address the disparity. Finally, you will determine a strategy to implement this plan that will include identifying community partners, building a team, and using leadership theory and skills that will facilitate its success.
Using the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps (CHRR) website, identify a population from your area (county) that is experiencing a health disparity.
Note: Before starting this assignment, watch “Webinar: County Health Rankings & Roadmaps 101” in this week’s Learning Activities. The webinar covers how to use the website to identify health problems by county, explains how to identify disparities, and provides numerous resource options for what works to address the disparity and local organizations to partner with.
Create a 15- to 18-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes, outlining your strategy to address the existing health disparity to improve the health outcomes of the targeted population.

In your presentation:
Identify the population experiencing the health disparity.
Include data from CHRR to support the existence of the disparity.
Explain the nature of the disparity and how it impacts the population.
Describe the social determinates of health that are affecting the population and producing the disparity.
Delineate your plan to address the disparity.
Describe any evidence-informed policies or programs that form the basis of your plan.
Include any resources, financial needs, risk/benefit, and time requirements.
Identify the stakeholders, including potential community partners who can help to facilitate your plan or have an influence on the population.
Discuss who would comprise your ideal team for implementing your plan.
Discuss the leadership theories and skills you will use to engage your stakeholders and your team.
Explain how you will monitor the change to ensure that it promotes continuous improvement.
Designate the end goal and explain how you will evaluate the efficacy of the change.
Discuss the leadership strategies and theories to address population health.
Include a minimum of 5 sources to support your work.
Provide in-text citations and a slide with APA-formatted references for all sources cited. Include a title slide, (the introductory slide should have the same title as the title slide), a conclusion slide as well as references. The slides have an overview of the content (the specific details are in the speaker notes with the appropriate resource / citation noted).


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