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Scenario: Nurse Staffing Ratios and Performance Improvement

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Uncategorized


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Assignment Details
Scenario: Nurse Staffing Ratios and Performance Improvement
Many studies have documented associations between nurse staffing levels, performance, and patient outcomes over the years. Adequate nurse staffing is associated with the following:
Reduced hospital re-admissions
Lower incidence of adverse patient events
Fewer errors
Reduced mortality
Effective staff performance and other positive outcomes
Regulatory bodies, including state boards and accreditation organizations, have enforced staffing level recommendations.
Despite the enforcement of staffing policies, many healthcare managers still take chances to assign nurses to a much larger number of patients. Ms. Adams, the night shift supervisor on the children’s unit at the Global Medical Behavioral Hospital, assigned the entire unit to one nurse instead of three. Her reason was that other nurses had called in earlier that afternoon.
It was late that very night that fight broke out in the unit. The nurse was alone and could not control the children who overpowered her and caused many damages to property.

An investigation was ordered, and the HR department was blamed for not pushing fast enough to hire nurses. The HR department cited several problems with recruiting, and in fact, the director of the HR department had said that staff turnover is their biggest problem. She further stated that they had relied on traditional recruiting methods instead of using technology such as recruitment apps, social medial, other Web sites, agencies, and the human resource information system (HRIS).
The American Nurses Association (ANA) identifies three general approaches to ensure adequate staffing, as follows (Wolters Kluwer, 2018):
Requiring hospitals to have a nurse-driven staffing committee
Mandating specific nurse-to-patient ratios through legislation or regulation
Requiring facilities to disclose staffing levels to the public or a regulatory body
This facility has not followed the ANA recommendation, and now Nurse Adams is holding the hospital liable for her injuries. In addition, some of the parents are now suing the hospital for injuries to their children.
You are now hired to address this issue and advance recommendations to prevent these problems in the hospital.

Prepare a 5-page report (excluding cover page and references) addressing the following issues:
Provide HR with information regarding the use of technology in recruiting, selection, and retention.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Internet recruiting?
What types of information are available in HRIS data, and how are they used in the recruitment process?
What are the benefits of using job sites in recruiting candidates?
What is the importance of workforce development, and how does it help combat workforce shortages and the changing dynamics of healthcare?
What are the critical issues in managing staffing and workloads?
What steps can a healthcare manager take to deal with staff turnover?
What recommendations would you give healthcare managers to improve staff relationships in their units or organizations?
Why is performance evaluation necessary for all staff?
Name some tools you would use in performance evaluation and their uses


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