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Study Delimitations

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WHAT should you do? Develop a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 17 slides in length based on one of the research articles that you have recently summarized (e.g. Annotated Bibliography or Media FactCheck assignments).
WHY are you doing this assignment? Previous assignments have asked you to read, analyze and summarize research papers. Most recently, you have also been asked to critique and compare a research paper to a media article. This assignment now asks you to build off those skills and use your assessment of an article and topic to design your own follow-up research study that can better answer the research question from the study that you summarized.

HOW will you complete the assignment?
First, choose one of the 3 original research articles that you summarized in a previous assignment (e.g. Annotated Bibliography or Media FactCheck assignments). If you did not like those articles, then you may choose a new article to summarize for this assignment.
Second, develop a Powerpoint presentation that summarizes the original research article and presents a follow-up study that should be conducted to expand on the research done in that original article. You can follow this outline as a guide for what you should put on each of your slides:
Develop 8 PowerPoint slides to summarize/present the article that you read.
Title of Study (Add APA article reference as a footnote at bottom)
Analyze the article title using the criteria we discussed

Theoretical Rationale or basis for the study.
Statement of the problem
Study Delimitations
Summary of study design / methods
Main results or findings of the study
Study Limitations
Based on the findings of that article, propose a new study (a spinoff or follow-up) that would either address a new (but related) research question or improve upon limitations of the previous study. Develop 9 PowerPoint Slides:
Proposed Project Title

Theoretical rationale (possibly the same as original article)
Statement of the problem
Hypothesis Statement(s)
Research Design
Independent variables (at least 2) & Dependent variables (at least 3)
Study Delimitations

Specific methodological changes
3. Upload your Powerpoint file to this assignment.
4. Record an annotated Powerpoint presentation Panopto video. This presentation should be brief and only last about 5-10 minutes. You can follow the instructions from our first Discussion if you need a reminder on how to record your voice / video in Powerpoint and create a Panopto video. The difference this time is that you should place your Panopto video in the “Presenting the Problem Presentation” folder in our KIN 505 Panopto.
5. Embed your Panopto video in this assignment and submit it.
6. Embed your Panopto in the Presenting the Problem Discussion for your group members to review for next week’s discussion posts.


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